Partner with an Efficient Environmentally Friendly Carrier

We take efficiency as serious as protecting your freight. All of our fleet is aerodynamic equipment, our core practices include continuous improvement of fuel mileage and idle time. Our fleet is speed controlled, this is a core safety practice which creates a safer environment for who we share the road with, our own team and your products in our trailers.

Our Team is Dedicated to Safety and Professionalism

Agri-Tel Transportation knows that the only way to deliver your perishable products is to adhere to safety and compliance rules and regulations set out by the transportation industry. We understand that the health and safety of your products is of the utmost importance to you. Our commitment is to transport your product to its final destination in the same condition it was in when it was loaded.

Our fleet of professional drivers are trained, drive legally, follow the Hours of service rules, and place top priority on the safe delivery of your products. To provide our clients with the best in quality control, we operate late model (2012 to 2017), well maintained tractor units that comply with all California Emission Standards. Tractors and trailers are inspected at the beginning of each trip allowing us to ensure everything is in top working condition before your freight is loaded.

Our History

Agri-Tel Transportation was founded by present owner, Kevin Small, in 1993. We are a small company with a fleet of approximately 40 trucks and growing. We specialize in the transportation of refrigerated perishables. Our areas of operation are, but not limited to, California and Arizona with returns to Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and Quebec.

At Agri-Tel Transportation we value all of our employees and customers. We encourage a family atmosphere where there is team work within the entire company in order to provide the best service possible.