Company Driver Bonus Programs

Agri-Fresh Transportation has three company driver bonus programs which provide the opportunity to increase the rate per mile above the base wage. The Company Driver Bonus Program is available to all company drivers after the initial training period has been completed. Team drivers will receive half of each entitled bonus.

Monthly High Miler Bonus Program

The High Miler Bonus Program is paid out monthly simply for doing your job. Earn $0.01 above your base rate per mile for reaching the targeted miles goal.

With all the available freight Agri-Fresh Transportation has, reaching the targeted goal is done with ease. The target for single drivers is 10,000 miles and 17,000 for teams.

Quarterly Fuel Bonus Program

We are always striving to increase our fuel efficiency to reduce fuel costs. We pay up to $0.05 per mile as a fuel efficiency bonus. As a professional when you help us reduce costs, there is more money for you to earn. The Fuel Bonus Program is paid out quarterly in January, April, July and October based on the miles you ran during the quarter.

Yearly Safety Performance Bonus

The Safety Performance Bonus is a yearly bonus paid out at the end of January for the safety performance for the previous twelve months. The maximum Safety Performance Bonus is $0.01 per mile based on your paid miles for the previous year (January to December) and is based solely on your safe operations for the year. If you are committed to safety and compliance you will have no problems receiving this cumulative Safety Performance Bonus year after year.

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